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Yuichi Akune

2016 |


In 1930, Yuichi joined the Steveston Seine Kai (Young Men’s Association), participating in Kendo. His skills led him to become the head instructor of the Steveston Seine Kai and captain of the Canadian team at an international tournament. Upon returning to Richmond after internment in Alberta, Yuichi re-established the Steveston Kendo Club.

Richmond Roots Yuichi was a Richmond resident from 1927 until his passing in 1995. He was a leading member in the establishment of the Steveston Kendo Club.

Did You Know Yuichi went undefeated against the entire twelve-member American team during championship play.

Barriers Overcome Yuichi and his family were interned in Raymond, Alberta as part of the internment of Japanese-Canadians during World War II from 1942-1952.


Recognition Yuichi became the first president of the Canada Kendo Federation, elected in 1960. The Japan Kendo Federation awarded Yuichi with his 7th degree in 1958, and his 8th degree – Hanshi (master swordsman of the first class) in 1970.

All Awards

Championship Yuichi was the grand champion at the 1932 USA and Canada International Championships.


1932 Grand Champion USA & Canada International Championship  
1958 7th Degree Japan Kendo Federation  
1970 8th Degree (Master Swordsman- First Class) Japan Kendo Federation  


Career Stats

YearTeam / OrganizationHighlight
1930-1942 Steveston Kendo Club Chief Instructor  
1952-1980 Steveston Kendo Club Chief Instructor  
1952-1980 Steveston Kendo Club Organized the International Kendo Championships, attending the World Kendo Championship Tournament as President of the Canada Kendo Federation.  

Contribution to Richmond Sport Yuichi was the chief instructor of the Steveston Kendo Club. He organized international kendo championships and attended the World Kendo Championships as the president of the Canadian Kendo Federation.

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