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Paul Alexander

2016 |
Air Gun


Paul joined the Richmond Rod and Gun Club in 1969 and remained with them until his passing in 2015. Here he was an official, administrator as well as an athlete. Paul became an international official and attended numerous prestigious tournaments throughout North America.

Richmond Roots Paul has been a Richmond resident since 1947. Paul was a member of the Richmond Rod and Gun Club since 1969. He has also served as the clubs presidents at different times.

Did You Know Paul was the only one in B.C. with a B- International Coaches Licence in air pistol.


Recognition Paul received the Alois Lander Volunteer Award from the Shooting Federation of Canada in 2005 and was named the Official of the Year in 2009 from the SFC.

All Awards

2005 Alois Lander Volunteer Award Shooting Federation of Canada  
2009 Official of the Year Shooting Federation of Canada  

Championship Paul won the silver medal at the 1988 B.C. Summer Games.


1988 Silver Medal BC Summer Games - Victoria  


Career Stats

YearTeam / OrganizationHighlight
1969-2014 Richmond Rod and Gun Club Shooting Division  
1986-2015 Shooting Federation of Canada Official  

Contribution to Richmond Sport Paul organized and ran the shooting aspect of the Rod and Gun Club for 37 years. He also volunteered his time to promote the sport of competitive shooting in Richmond.

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