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Oldon Pirates

2023 |


The love of soccer was the ongoing inspiration for this team’s success. Despite being named the 'Pirates', they won their games through skill and dedication rather than 'stealing' victories. Many of the players are still actively involved in soccer at a high level and maintain contact with each other.

Richmond Roots All players and team officials are Richmond residents, with one player from Tsawwassen. The team began playing together at the age of 9 in 1980 and continued to do so for the next 10 years until 1990. The well-known May family, Olive and Don, of Richmond, were the team sponsors, hence the name Oldon Pirates. Additionally, Olive and Don’s granddaughter played on the team.

Did You Know No other Richmond girls' soccer team has won the Canadian National Championship since 1986. In 2006, the team held their 20-year reunion to celebrate their achievements as the Oldon Pirates.

Barriers Overcome The team managed to accommodate the various pressures coming from other youth sports in which many of the players were involved.


Recognition From early on in the team’s career, the Oldon Pirates were followed by the Richmond Review in their sports section.

All Awards

1983 U11 Richmond League Champions  
1984 U12 Joint Winners of Provincial Cup  
1986 U14 Runner Up BC Metro League  

Championship In 1986, the U14 Oldon Pirates began their quest for the Canadian National Championship by winning the U14 BC Coastal Cup, the U14 BC Provincial Championship, and then the U14 Canadian National Championship.


1986 U14 BC Coastal Cup Champions  
1986 U14 BC Provincial Champions  
1986 U14 Canadian National Champions  


Career Stats

YearTeam / OrganizationHighlight
1980-1990 Richmond Girls Soccer Association Oldon Pirates played together for 10 years  

Contribution to Richmond Sport The Oldon Pirates helped raise awareness of the high caliber of girl’s soccer in Richmond.

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