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Moseley Peter Jack

2018 |
Track and Field


Moseley believes through discipline and hard work athletes can reach their goals and that the focus should be on positive feedback, personal bests and continuous improvement. He believes sport provides a place for all children to gain confidence, excel, learn life skills, make friends and become life-long athletes.

Richmond Roots Moseley moved to Richmond in 1974 where he raised three children and worked as a teacher and counsellor with the school district for 32 years. He has coached for over 40 years. Even after his retirement from teaching, Moseley worked as a substitute teacher and continued to coach track and field and cross-country.

Did You Know Moseley played in a steel band that travelled throughout the province and Washington State.

Barriers Overcome Moseley grew up in Trinidad where there was no free public school after grade 7 and he was forced to stop attending. He became a golf caddy where the wife of an American Army Major discovered his situation and funded his education.


Recognition Moseley’s many accolades include: a Lifetime Membership with Richmond Youth Soccer, 3-time Kajaks Coach of the Year, Outstanding Service Award with Richmond Secondary School Athletic Association, Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award with London Secondary and BC Athletics Excellence in Coaching Award Junior Development.

All Awards

1998 Kajaks-Sylvia Makinson Award Dedicated service to the Kajaks Track & Field Club  
1999-2000 London Secondary-Outstanding Athletic Achievement in Coaching Award Cross-country, table tennis and track & field  
2002/2008/2017 Kajaks - Carmyn James Award Top Kajaks Track & Field Club coach of the year  

Championship Moseley’s coaching and enthusiasm for sport inspired many athletes in various sports to find their own passions, which helped propel them to national and international levels of competition.


1991 Lifetime Membership Award-Richmond Youth Soccer Association Recognized as a leader in Richmond Youth Soccer as a coach, board member and referee  
2004 Richmond Secondary School Athletic Association Award Outstanding service in the development of student athletics in Richmond for 10 years  
2012 BC Athletics-Excellence in Coaching Award Years of excellent coaching with Junior Development athletes  


Career Stats

YearTeam / OrganizationHighlight
1977-1988 West Richmond ANAF 284 Bobcats Soccer Won multiple league cups  
1980-present Kajaks Track & Field Club Countless BCEC and BCJD medalists and BC Athletics award winners  

Contribution to Richmond Sport Moseley has been an active coach with both the community and school district. He has been a board member and referee with Richmond Youth Soccer, an official with Kajaks, along with volunteering at many Lower Mainland sporting events.

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