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Jim Kojima

2021 |


Jim is a life-long judo advocate. He has been involved in the Steveston Judo Club since it’s inception in 1953. The club started out with a dedicated Judo Club room in 1957 within the at Steveston Community Center. Jim promoted and helped raise money for the new Martial Arts Center, which houses Kendo, Judo and Karate.

Richmond Roots Jim was born in Steveston, evacuated to Southern Alberta in 1942, and returned to Steveston in 1951. Jim started judo in 1953. He is still a part of the Steveston Judo Club and continues to instruct young athletes. He is a long-time Director at the Steveston Community Centre and current Director of the Minoru Senior Centre.

Did You Know Jim was Vice President of Judo Canada for 14 years and President of Judo Canada for 6 years.

Barriers Overcome Jim has been an advocate for women in Judo at the provincial, national and international level. He helped to promote the first Women’s World Judo Championships in New York in 1980, and helped with Women’s Judo at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.


Recognition Jim received the Order of Canada in 1983, the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese Government in 2011, the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012, and the British Columbia Community Achievement Award in 2010. Jim was inducted into the Judo Canada Hall of Fame in 2004 and awarded Sport BC’s Official of the Year in 2002.

All Awards

1983 Order of Canada  
2008 Volunteer Richmond’s “Star of Richmond”  
2010 British Columba Community Achievement Award  
2010 Citation from the Japan Olympic Speed Skating  
2011 Order of the Rising Sun  

Championship Jim officiated at six Olympic Games and 22 World Judo Championships, numerous Pan American Games, and the Pacific Rim Championships.


1974 International Judo Federation Olympic Referee 1st Canadian to become an Olympic Referee  
1988-1994 President of Judo Canada Brought the World Championships to Canada.  


Career Stats

YearTeam / OrganizationHighlight
1976, 1984 Olympic Games International Judo Federation selected Referee. 1976 Olympics in Canada made me proud to be a Canadian. Proud to be one of the 23 Referees from around the World.  
1988-1992 Olympic Games International Judo Federation Referee Commission member. As Referee Director held many Referee Seminars and was one of the Technical Director of the International Judo Federation  
1996-2000 International Judo Federation Referee Director. As Referee Director held many Referee Seminars and was one of the Technical Director of the International Judo Federation  

Contribution to Richmond Sport During his time in the sport of judo, Jim has been part of the executive of both BC Judo and Judo Canada. He has officiated at the highest level in the sport, along with supporting and developing the next generation of judo referees.

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