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Archie Blair

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Archie served on the school board for 8 years; municipal council for 22 years, the Fraser Valley Regional Library District for 6 years and the Lulu Island West Dyke District Commission. He was also a board member of the United Church of Canada, a soccer executive and a director and secretary-treasurer of the Richmond Athletic Club.

Richmond Roots Archie was a lifelong Richmond resident, dairy farmer, city councillor, sport advocate and public servant who had an interest in the welfare of his community. His parents were among the founding families of Richmond and farmed along the south arm of the Fraser River in the late 1870's. He was the proud father of six children.

Did You Know In the 1900's there were few bridges, so the lacrosse teams would borrow fishermen's boats to attend their games.

Barriers Overcome Archie served in the Canadian Army and was wounded at Vimy Ridge during World War l. He suffered no lasting injuries and was able to return home and participate in sports, and a lifetime of public service.


Recognition In 1979, Richmond City Council voted unanimously to confer the honour of Freedom of the Municipality on Archie in recognition of his many years of distinguished civic and community service. He graduated from UBC in 1923 with a degree in agriculture. In his honour, Archibald Blair Elementary School was named after him in 1997.

All Awards

1979 Honoured by the City of Richmond Richmond City Council conferred the honour of “Freedom of the Municipality”  
1997 Archibald Blair Elementary School Archibald Blair Elementary named after Archie for his outstanding community work  

Championship Archie was a champion lacrosse player who won numerous city and Lower Mainland Champions and tournament gold medals, including the 1920 Richmond Champions - City Senior amateur Lacrosse. He also played "bush league box lacrosse."



Career Stats

YearTeam / OrganizationHighlight
1915-1930 Richmond Youth and Men’s Lacrosse Won several city and league championships and tournaments  

Contribution to Richmond Sport Long-time member of the Richmond Athletic Club along with helping organize the Richmond Recreation Commission. Instrumental in developing lacrosse and keeping it alive after World War l; his objective, inspire youth in sport.

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